Invest in yourself first

In the last few weeks I have been spending more hours than I would like to admit browsing gorgeous lingerie pieces, especially after continued bombardment from social media during the countdown to Valentine’s Day. I then thought, why are we made to feel like we should only buy sexy lingerie to please someone else? I have come across several lingerie campaigns in the last few weeks featuring slogans like “Be my Valentine?” and “Won’t you be mine?”, pretty much telling me that lacy bras and underwear are something I should wear to look attractive for someone else.

I believe that the best reason to buy lingerie should be to please ourselves. Lingerie is a way for us to celebrate our individuality – and to define what is “sexy” in our own terms. Buying lingerie should be an act of self-love, a way to empower ourselves and a way to make us feel beautiful and confident with our bodies, even if we later on wear it for someone else. You should buy lingerie that YOU feel the most comfortable and sexy in, not necessarily what is being advertised as sexy.

So do immerse yourself in gorgeous lingerie whether or not Valentine’s Day is around to corner, or whether you have someone to wear it for – because in reality the first person you should wear it for is yourself.

And the next time you are thinking of treating yourself to a piece of lingerie, why don’t you treat yourself to something that is beautiful as well as sustainable? Purchasing sustainable goods doesn’t have to be a choice between the environment and beauty – sustainability is just a little added bonus!

5 Amazing sustainable lingerie brands to absolutely LOVE


Stella McCartney, the queen of sustainability in the luxury industry! Uses recycled material, organic cottons and avant-garde technology to ensure that all of her products are eco-friendly.


Bra  £65

Briefs £35


Bra £85

Briefs £45


This brand uses ethically sourced silks and laces to create provocative designs.


Bra £129

Underwear £75

Suspenders £87


Bra and Shortie £255


Feminine lingerie that is produced and hand made in the UK with ethically sourced and sustainable materials whenever possible.


 Bra and Brief Set £59


4 pack assorted frilly underwear £49


Elegant silk lingerie and nightwear brand. Every piece of the collection is sourced, designed and made in the UK.


Silk Teddy £97 


Mask £22


Designed and handmade to measure in the UK. Her mission statement is to make all women feel comfortable and sexy with their bodies while wearing her designs.


Bralet £22

Underwear £23


Bralet £18

Underwear £15

Side note: Treat your treasures with care! If you want to ensure that your lingerie pieces will last a long time washing machines and dryers are your worst enemies. Hand wash in cool water and hang to dry, this not only saves water and energy, it will also prolong the life of your delicate lingerie.

Have a lovely day!

Nataly x


photos used from:
stella mccartney:
luva huva:
ayten gasson:

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