One Year Blogiversary


Literally Nataly is celebrating it’s one year anniversary today! I can’t believe that I have had this little creative outlet for a year now, and I’m amazed how much it has grown since my very first post. So I wanted to thank you to all of you for tagging along with me on this amazing adventure! A year ago […]

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Elovie: Magical Fairtrade Knits


The moment I came across Elovie, I knew that this brand was a reflection of my inner fairy princess! Elovie is a German magical fair fashion brand made in Italy that combines knitwear with enchanting beauty. The brand was founded by two friends, Maria and Julia, who met at a fashion design and tailoring school. Prior […]

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HollyMae Illustrates: Earth Positive Apparel and Prints


HollyMae Illustrates (HMI) is a UK-based talented illustrator and designer who encourages buyers to consider sustainability in their purchasing choices. HollyMae works with local companies in the UK and designs a range of earth-positive apparel and paper goods. Her quirky designs are both artistically beautiful and fun! Upon graduating from the Arts University College at Bournemouth with […]

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Animaná: Ethical Luxury Knits from Patagonia & The Andes


Animaná is an ethical luxury knitwear brand that promotes the preservation of culture, arts and traditions from Patagonia and the Andes. This brand is a big believer in fair trade, local development and bringing added value and respect to the natural resources of the area where their products are made. Their main purpose is to give a […]

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7 Sustainable Festive Gift ideas


Happy 1st of December lovelies! Chrismukkah is in exactly 24 days – is it just me or is anyone else extremely excited over the fact that it is TRULY Chrismukkah this year? First day of Hanukkah and Christmas Eve on the same day, when does that ever happen!? Happy days! I have put together a list of […]

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TAMGA Designs: Fair Fashion from Sustainable Wood


TAMGA Designs is a colourful and vibrant sustainable fair-trade fashion brand made in Indonesia. The brand was founded by three globetrotters from different corners of the world who have collectively travelled to more than 50 different countries. TAMGA Designs reflects their “deep respect for different cultures, traditions, and the planet’s natural systems that keep individuals and businesses alive.” Co-founders Yana […]

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Fair Photo Agency: Connecting Ethical Photographers and Businesses


Fair Photo Agency, is an exciting new platform that bridges together talented photographers that hold the same values as sustainable and ethical companies. This agency’s mission is to assist sustainable and ethical companies in producing impactful imagery that will stand out, and in turn, provide them with high prominence in the global market – something […]

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Nokshi Crafts: Ethically Produced Scarves Made in Bangladesh


Nokshi Crafts is a fair-trade brand showcasing ethically-produced and hand-painted silk scarves made in Bangladesh. The brand was founded by Maisha Samiha, a Bangladeshi-born Canadian, after the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013, in which 1,133 people died and another 2,500 were injured, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. The disaster affected her […]

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Gårdendal: Sustainable Leather Goods of Sweden


Gårdendal is a sustainable Swedish accessories brand that produces handcrafted vegetable tanned and organic leather goods. The brand was founded in 2015 by a former architecture student, Andreas Gårdendal, whose designs are inspired by building shapes and structures. In the brand’s own words “traditional methods and modern design merge to form timeless, minimal collections”. Gårdendal […]

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The Rock Hound, Ethical Fine Jewellery: An Interview With Founder Susi Smither


The Rock Hound is a fine jewellery brand that uses responsibly sourced raw materials to create bold and inspiring pieces. Their designs are hand-made in their East London studio, where those interested can step in and discover creativity in action. This approach is all about promoting greater transparency in the jewellery industry – an aspect that is at the core of this brand. I […]

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