5 Sustainable Swimwear Brands to Look Out for This Summer

This post is the product of day dreaming for weeks about beach bumming to the max – very much needed! Having spent most of my life in countries where the beach is literally at your door step, living in London for the last few years and now in Oxford, is a bit of a change to say the least. Long gone are the days where I take Thailand for granted!

Shapes in the Sand – www.shapesinthesand.com.au


This beautiful eco-conscious swimwear label draws inspiration from the natural world and its diverse and colourful environments. According to their website, Shapes in the Sand believe in a “safe and ethical work environment for the creation of [their] swimwear”, which is handmade in Sydney. Their aim is to be completely transparent about the manufacturing process. Their swimwear is made from Italian Fabric using ECONYL®, a yarn which comes from 100% regenerated polyamide (nylon), helping to reduce the amount of global waste by collecting it from landfills and oceans and feeding it back into the production cycle. Such material from waste for example includes nylon in fishing nets and clothing that is then transformed back into virgin raw material without any loss of quality. Their fabrics are printed locally using a sustainable printing method which doesn’t require water and harsh chemicals. I absolutely must get my hands on one of their pieces, so that I can bring out my inner mermaid!

Amara – www.swimamara.com


Amara is a sustainable swimwear brand based in Tulum, Mexico , and is manufactured in NYC. Their feminine chic pieces are made from fabric manufactured in a green energy facility. According to Amara’s website, this facility is dedicated to the “reduction and prevention of pollution, protection, and preservation of green spaces, water treatment, and monitoring of gas emissions”. Their Italian fabric, which is also made of 78% ECONYL® Recycled Polyamide as well as XTRALIFE LYCRA® fibre, is claimed to be more durable than traditionally-used spandex swimwear. Their pieces are produced sustainably, both in terms of the quality of the piece to its timeless design, and according to the website their packaging is: biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. Their products are cut, printed, and sewn in the USA.

Don’t Blow the Illusion – www.dontblowtheillusion.com


This fun youthful brand has been an ongoing creative project by Lifestyle Photographer Robin Waters since 2012. According to the website her vision is to “bring unique, vintage-inspired imagery from her travels, memories, and vulnerabilities to the world in the form of quality and sustainable swim and streetwear…Don’t Blow The Illusion is life’s contradictions. It’s the constant conflict that goes on inside the mind: how we want to live versus how we have been made to believe we should.” This swimwear, is fully lined, is made from 78% recycled Polyamide / 22% XTRALIFE LYCRA® fabric that is imported from Italy, and is cut and sewn in the USA. Their edgy tank tops are made from 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton, and are cut and sewn in Canada and printed in USA.

Waterlove – www.waterloveswimwear.com


According to their website, this colourful Australian brand’s mission is to: support ethical & sustainable manufacturing, create awareness of key environmental issues, and financially support ocean conservation projects.  Their swimwear is made in Australia, and is also produced using  78% recycled Polyamide / 22% XTRALIFE LYCRA®. Their fantastic ocean awareness t-shirts are made from 70% Bamboo Viscose, 30% Organic Cotton and are ethically produced in Turkey under the Fair Wear Foundation.

Vitamin A – www.vitaminaswim.com


This brand wants to beautify the beach in more than just one way – that’s why they have come up with EcoLux, their own fine matted jersey swim fabric that is produced locally in California. This fabric is made using recycled nylon fibres in order to conserve resources. Their swimwear is also made from XTRALIFE LYCRA® fibre to extend the life of each swimsuit. This brand also uses waterless digital printing technology, incorporates sustainable fibres like Eco Linen into their après-beach pieces, and works with factories that conserve water and energy usage. According to Vitamin A’s website, the brand “take the time to get to know the people who produce [their] fabrics and collections—and to know they’re treated well”.

Have a lovely day! x

All photos have been taken from the brands respective websites. 


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