SeeMe, Jewellery for Empowering Women

SeeMe is an organisation that employs women, often single mothers, who have suffered violence and have been shunned by their families in Tunisia and Lebanon. They are trained in the craft of jewellery making, following traditional Tunisian techniques. In this way these women are able to secure a workplace and provide for their families under fair wages while also fostering Tunisian craft traditions.

This organisation’s founder, Caterina Occhio, spent almost two decades working for the European Commission and different UN agencies, and specialised in the socio-economic integration of women. She wanted to create a safe haven, training centre, and workplace for women who otherwise, in the brand’s words, were “deemed lost”.

Their gorgeous heart-shaped jewellery has a minimalist chic design and looks absolutely beautiful on. Their jewellery comes in multiple variations and designs and is available in silver, black silver, gold plated and rose gold plated. This year SeeMe created the Orange Heart, which was selected as the signatory piece for the 20th anniversary of the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. Their brand works under what they refer to as the #heartmovement. The hearts are “at the core of all [their] collections. They are links of the love chain [they] build to replace the chain of violence.”

Still a young company, SeeMe has achieved a lot. Whilst being a safe resort and a source of income for women who are victims of violence, they also aim to bridge the luxury and fair trade industry. They do this by collaborating with established brands and bringing with them an ethical approach to their sourcing procedures. They have already collaborated with fashion brand like Karl Lagerfeld, Missoni, and Tommy Hilfiger.



Empowering women to fully participate in society is a human right women deserve. Moreover, women have just as essential a role as men to play in  building a better future, be it by improving family and community life or by strengthening and developing a sustainable economy.

To discover more beautiful pieces from SeeMe and join the #heartmovement, you can visit their website on

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