STATICE: Sustainable Luxury Swimwear

STATICE Paris is a luxury swimwear brand with a focus on beautiful cuts and sustainable high-quality fabrics. Their refined swimwear collection features precise finishing to contour and sculpt the body in a way that brings out the optimal silhouette.

STATICE Paris’ fabrics are comfortable, resistant, and have an amazing body support with a slight shaping effect. The swimsuits are designed and developed in France and made in Morocco using a fabric called Sensitive® FIT.  This highly durable fabric is produced in Italy by EUROJERSEY a company that embarked on a journey towards an eco-friendly manufacturing process back in 2007. EUROJERSEY has: invested in a solar panel photovoltaic system generating enough electricity to power the lighting of company facilities, a fume extraction and filtration system which contributes to energy efficiency, they decreased methane gas in their production methods to prevent oil and carbon dioxide from environmental pollution, and installed a water recovery and re-use system. Ever year, they are also able to recover about 10,000 kg of cellophane and 20,000 kg of textile scraps from the production cycle, which are given new life through the recycling and reuse process.

Sensitive® FIT fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning that the fabrics do not contain and do not release any harmful substances that can be hazardous to people’s health. The fabrics undergo thorough laboratory analyses that check for the presence or release of harmful substances such as pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic amines, and allergising colorants.



I have not worn a one-piece swimsuit since I was a child (usually opting out for a bikini) and was unsure about how this suit would fit my hour-glass shaped body. But I absolutely love it! Not only is the colour beyond stunning, the fit is out of this world amazing. The cut and fabric enhanced my curves and refined the shape of my body in a way that no bikini has before. It is also the first piece of swimwear that I have ever owned that I can confidently say fit my bust perfectly and provided full support (to all of you curvy sisters out there who can relate – this is a huge breakthrough!)

STATICE Paris swimwear showcase modern luxury, yet timeless design that is both comfortable and elegant. The swimsuit is available in four colours: black, navy, red, and blue. It features flattering symmetric V-neck and V-back lines, a waist highlighting held, and pleats under the chest for support. The swimsuit is UV resistant and dries very quickly. It is also resistant to chlorinated and salt water to reduce the ageing of the material. It is currently available on STATICE Paris’ website for €144.50 (usual price is €170) and can be purchased HERE



Photos taken at Aqua Luxury Suites, Santorini, Greece.

Statice sent me this piece for review and the product is genuinely loved! Help support brands that support the environment to make it a social norm to shop eco-friendly. 


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