Quick Introduction

Hi lovelies!

Being passionate about fashion and luxury products I have decided to start a blog as a platform where I can gather and share all my thoughts and experiences.

I am going to share with you my interests, inspirations, outfits, and irritation at the fact that many brands still ONLY tailor their clothing to tall and skinny women. Using tall skinny girls as a base for life doesn’t reflect the general population and as a 5’2” petite woman with an hourglass figure – it really PISSES ME OFF. You are beautiful no matter your shape, height, skin colour, or sexual orientation! If Barbie has finally learned to evolve, so can the fashion industry.

I will also discuss sustainability and recycling, an interest I’ve had since my MA dissertation on sustainability in the fashion industry. I want to show you that sustainable fashion doesn’t necessarily mean wearing baggy clothes made of hemp, and that sustainable products can also be beautiful, modern, and fresh. Sustainable fashion includes human impact on the environment and social responsibility. No one can ever be 100% sustainable, because in order to do that you would have to pretty much live off the grid. A less radical approach would see every one of us contribute by being sustainable in (at least) one way. Even a relatively small change in lifestyle would make some difference.

I am in NO WAY perfect and I don’t claim to be – I fly on planes, I eat meat (although I am determined to stop), I buy the odd fast fashion piece, and I own some leather and fur goods. I DO, however, want to contribute my part to a more sustainable future by making a shift from uncritical consumerism to sustainability by choosing quality over quantity. I believe in the notion of slowing fashion down and investing in long lasting high quality classics rather than treating fashion like fast food by purchasing lower quality “trendy” pieces that hit the shelves weekly. Long lasting high quality fashion does not have to cost a fortune – there are sustainable products for most budgets. Also, investing in a timeless and high quality piece could mean having to spend less over all.

Let’s go on this journey together and discover new beautiful things and places, defy norms, break moulds, encourage self-love and speak up against body shaming, be introduced to sustainable brands, learn new ways in which we can make our wardrobe more sustainable, and learn to associate sustainability with high quality. Everyone can do simple things to make a difference in this world, and every little bit counts.


Nataly x

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Sustainable fashion, ethical luxury, and lifestyle blog by Nataly Elbaz Björklund. Creating awareness on sustainability issues and introducing ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly, slow fashion & lifestyle brands.

12 thoughts on “Quick Introduction

  1. Congratulations Nataly, what a great initiative! I am so excited for you and curious for all the things you are going to share on your blog. Good luck!

  2. I loved your blog proposal there is nothing that pisses me off that the way brands are sizing their Clothes wherever they like. In fact in our country they did a documentary about it but is in spanish.

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