5 years young

Happy Birthday to my beautiful fluff ball Frodo!

I can’t believe that it has already been almost 5 years since you snuggled your way into our lives

Thank you for all the meows and whines for food in the morning

Thank you for making me into a crazy jealous bitter woman because you only sit on daddy’s lap

Thank you for all the surprise (mostly playful) ninja attacks as I walk up the stairs on a daily basis

Thank you for the soothing purrs when you do once a month decide to spend quality time with me (and there is nothing I appreciate more)

Thank you for always drinking my water even if I am only away for a split second

Thank you for sending me into raging laughing fits when you have crazy eyes

Thank you for being here and making the house feel warm and full of life every single day


 Love you way too much,

Mommy x

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13 thoughts on “5 years young

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your Frodo…what a gorgeous fur baby she/ he (?) Is. I used to have a cat by the same name. I now have one named Munchkin. Cats rule…dogs drool is my motto. LOL. =)

      1. You’re welcome… Just remember, you are a nobody until you’ve been ignored by a cat! 😉 LOL Besides, I am sure Frodo loves you…just kinda shy when it comes to showing it. =)

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