Reformation, a brand you must know

Reformation is the brand I love to love.

This sustainable fashion brand manufactures limited edition collections in their own sewing factory located in Los Angeles. Sustainable fabrics and vintage garments are sourced to create beautiful pieces for every occasion. They incorporate sustainable practices throughout the supply chain and therefore are able to create their designs with a lower impact on the environment. Their sustainability code says: “from our heat-reflecting roof and use of renewable energy, to the recycled hangers in our stores and 100% recycled packaging for every order shipped, sustainability is core to our business at every level.”



Garments can either be purchased on their website (with worldwide shipping) or in their Los Angeles and New York stores with prices typically ranging from $80 to $400.

When browsing garments on Reformation’s website you will notice something called a RefScale. This scale reveals the environmental costs of a garment in terms of CO2 emissions and water usage compared to other popular garments sold in the US. This scale is measured based on the garment’s whole life cycle, including: “growing textile fibers and making fabric, dyeing, moving materials, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, garment care, and even recycling clothes when you’re done with them.” In this way the customer is able to see the actual costs involved, something that customers are often shielded from when shopping. If we know exactly what we are paying for we can make more informed decisions!



Not only are their garments manufactured using sustainable methods, their garment designs look good without having to make too much effort – whether your hair is down or in a messy bun. I personally own two dresses from their 2015 Summer collection which I will definitely wear over and over again as soon as the sun decides to finally come out and warm up this cold barren place!


You can shop their collection on: 

Have a beautiful day lovelies!

Nataly x

Photos used from Reformation website.

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