Sustainable Denim: Brands and Tips

Next time you want to buy a pair of jeans, why not invest in the sustainable option! They are still hot as hell.

AG  Jeans:

AG Jeans integrates design with manufacturing innovation in order to bring stylish and long-lasting clothing that can be worn on a daily basis. The label produces all of its denim with eco-conscious fibres and Ozone Technology, a process that significantly reduces water, chemical, and energy consumption. They also have a partnership with charity: water, a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in areas of need.


Monkee Genes:

Monkee Genes describes itself as “on trend, affordable and with an eco and ethical conscience”. It is a British label using fair trade and organic denim made in Indonesia, Turkey, and England. This sustainble and eco-friendly brand is certified by the Soil Association, whose accreditation process includes factory spot checks and extensive paper evidence throughout the lengthy supply chain.


Nudie Jeans:

This Swedish brand is a big slow and fair fashion promoter! They offer a free repair service, re-sell second hand products, and recycle worn out products. Nudie Jeans produces its range using 100% organic cotton denim. They also support the Fair Wear Foundation, an organisation that is dedicated to improving working conditions in the textile industry.

When shopping a product on their website you can click on the link “view in production guide”, which will show you exactly where the product is made and gives information and contact details to the factory.

nudie-jeans-spring-2016-island-rock-collection-06-853x1280 (1)


Mud Jeans is based in Holland and only uses eco-certified cotton to create their denim products. This brand doesn’t encourage people to buy their jeans, but to lease them instead! In this way one pair of jeans can benefit multiple users and you can get a new pair when you feel a need for change! If you do want to buy a pair of jeans, you can bring in your worn out pair to be recycled and be rewarded with a discount for the new pair. You can also bring in an old pair of jeans at the end of use, these will be up-cycled and named after you! They also have a “home trying” option (only available in the Benelux & Germany), where you can order up to 3 pairs of jeans to try at home, keep and pay for the ones you want, and send the rest back. They also offer a free repairs service (also only available in Benelux & Germany).


General tips on making your denim last longer:

  • Denim shouldn’t be washed too often! Jeans should generally be washed after 5 or 6 wears. If you over-wash your jeans they will loose their colour and shape pretty quickly. (Although Nudie recommend 6 or more months of daily use before washing!)
  • If your jeans are not dirty but you still feel that they need to be freshened up, then hang them outside for a while.
  • When you do wash your denim, make sure to turn them inside out and wash them in cold water. The best thing to do is to hand-wash!
  • Always, always, always air-dry, hang them indoors and out of the sunlight to help preserve the colour.
  • If your jeans have started to fade let them sit in a plastic tub with Dylon Fabric Dye. This dye is the perfect solution for reviving old garments and brightening up your wardrobe.

Have a lovely long weekend!



All photos have been taken from the brands respective websites. 

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10 thoughts on “Sustainable Denim: Brands and Tips

    1. AG jeans are amazing! I think it is much easier to be mindful about purchases when brands are transparent about their practices, because then you know exactly what it is you are paying for 🙂 I hope all brands will gradually do this in the next few years. xx

  1. This is a great post! As a huge denim fan and a cruelty free fairtrade supporter, this is a great piece to keep in mind 🙂
    Thank you to introducing me to these brands!!

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