TreeAngle, Turning Trees into Sunnies

TreeAngle is a handcrafted eyewear and accessories brand based in Sweden. Their products are organic and made from sustainable cherry, wenge, walnut, and maple wood. And also, they are waterproof!

I asked Marcus Mårtensson, MD at TreeAngle, a few questions about the brand:

Where is your brand from? And where are the sunglasses made? 

TreeAngle is a Swedish brand, based in the south of Sweden. In the beginning we just had the idea of wooden sunglasses but didn’t know how to make them. So in the startup we had them made in China. Now, almost 3 years later we will soon launch our new collection which is carefully handcrafted from scratch in our workshop in the northern part of Europe. 

What made you decide to create your products using wood, as opposed to the usual plastic?

We wanted something different. Wood is an organic material that has been used for thousands of years. Using a natural material also ensures that each product is unique and that is something we absolutely admire.

DSC_1844 copy

What is your company ethos? 

Sustainable Fashion. We want to combine fashion and environmental thinking with simplicity. Handmade, sustainable products in renewable materials. Essentials by nature.

A few weeks ago on Instagram TreeAngle posted that you will plant a new tree for every photo repost until Earth Day. Can you tell me a little more about this initiative? Where are these trees planted?

Yes, we have done this since we started the company. For every TreeAngle product we sell, we plant a tree. This we do by donating money to a non-profit organisation called Trees For The Future. To learn more about their work you can visit their website here.

DSC_1850 1

I am absolutely in love with these sunglasses, as they are made of a natural material they can literally go with anything! To me personally it is also a major plus that for every pair of sunglasses that TreeAngle sell, they plant a tree! It’s not just about taking, it is also about giving back.

To shop these gorgeous sunglasses visit

Have a lovely day! x

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