TAMGA Designs: Fair Fashion from Sustainable Wood

TAMGA Designs is a colourful and vibrant sustainable fair-trade fashion brand made in Indonesia. The brand was founded by three globetrotters from different corners of the world who have collectively travelled to more than 50 different countries. TAMGA Designs reflects their “deep respect for different cultures, traditions, and the planet’s natural systems that keep individuals and businesses alive.” Co-founders Yana and Eric initially spent nearly three years living and working in Bangladesh and after seeing first-hand the conditions under which many big fashion brands’ products are made it became clear to them that “a better way is not only possible, but necessary.” This is why they make sure that the people who work on their goods receive fair living wages, work under safe working conditions and are given the opportunity to grow individually as well as professionally.


TAMGA Designs garments are made from unique patterns inspired by “Batik” dyeing and “Ikat” weaving techniques from Indonesia (to read more about these techniques click here). The brand describes its individual collections as originating in stories: from “the road less traveled”, to meetings with artisans “who warmly share their textile wisdom and skill” – to put it simply, stories of “people and the planet”. The brand’s goal is to design functional clothing that will carry you from day, to night, to your next adventure. The team at TAMGA Designs also consistently seek new ways to lessen their impact on the environment and improve their products. They know that “knowledge inspires confidence” and they strive for full transparency about how their products are made, who has made them, and where they have been made – this information can be viewed on their website under “product journey“.

Currently, the garments are made from the following materials:

TENCEL® – The majority of the clothing is made from woven and knit TENCEL®. This is a fibre that harnesses the power of nature to make what the team in TAMGA Designs consider to be “the most luxurious fabric they have ever felt”. This material is harvested from FSC certified Eucalyptus forests, and over 99% of the solvents and water used in producing it are recycled in a closed loop process. The brand calls it the “fibre of the future”!

Lenzing Modal – Like TENCEL®, Lenzing Modal comes from wood – beechwood to be exact – produced by Austrian company Lenzing AG. According to TAMGA Designs “while other Modal has contributed to clear cutting of forests and the dispersal of harmful chemicals into the environment, this fabric is made from 100% sustainable forests with over 95% of water and solvents being recycled.”

Organic Cotton – According to WWF, conventional cotton accounts for 24% insecticides, more than any other crop in the world, and is responsible for 11% of the world’s pesticide usage. The negative impact this has on ecosystems and workers who pick the cotton is horrifying.  TAMGA Designs use only GOTS certified organic cotton from Gujarat, India, that is grown without the use of harmful chemicals.

Low-Impact and Natural Dyes – Conventional synthetic dyes are some of the worst environmental offenders in the garment industry, alongside the many risks they present to human health. Recognising that there are better options available, TAMGA Designs garments get their brilliant colours through either low-impact or natural dyes, and in this way ensuring that harmful chemicals do not end up in the environment or on your skin.


It makes me so incredibly happy to come across brands that inspire change and positivity in the world! Both their mission and clothes are absolutely beautiful. Support their Kickstarter campaign and order your sustainably and fairly produced piece!

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3 thoughts on “TAMGA Designs: Fair Fashion from Sustainable Wood

  1. Thanks for posting clothing items that are helpful to the environment. It is really informative and keeps my eyes open for these brands with beautiful purposes.

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