Fair Photo Agency: Connecting Ethical Photographers and Businesses

Fair Photo Agency, is an exciting new platform that bridges together talented photographers that hold the same values as sustainable and ethical companies. This agency’s mission is to assist sustainable and ethical companies in producing impactful imagery that will stand out, and in turn, provide them with high prominence in the global market – something that they aspire will become a norm in the near future.

This platform was founded by Linda Grönlund. Linda was born and raised in Sweden but has travelled quite a bit: she has worked on organic farms in New Zealand, studied in the U.S and Spain, and has worked as a building coordinator in Australia – but somehow she felt that she had never truly found her “true spot, her true meaning in life”. That was until she moved back to Sweden and felt an urge to do something creative, she then began working as a re-toucher and photographer for some of the biggest clothing and jewellery chains there. Growing up with a father that is an artist, this type of job felt quite natural for her. The more she worked with these brands the more she began questioning the origin and sustainability of the products that she worked with and was not very happy with the answers. She became fed up with negative consumption, people not investigating where the product comes from before purchasing, and the fact that the vast majority of companies are concerned with maximising profits above all else. She decided to start her own photo business instead, one where clients support a sustainable future, something she become very passionate about. In this way she could pick the clients that she worked with.


Linda has adopted the philosophy of “Flexonomy” – which basically means that the price she charges is flexible, all of her clients decide their own price with the guidance from the “normal value” that she sets.  This philosophy is a spin off inspired from Charles Eisnstien’s “Gift Economy”, more specifically from Ian MacKenzie’s short film “Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein”. Flexonomy has been working very well for her and some clients even offer to pay more than the normal value she has set. Linda has said that “For someone that is putting money and profit in second hand, it is quite ironic to say that I am making more money with Flexonomy than I would have, had I used a fixed priced business model.”

Fair Photo Agency is now developing into a global agency to support all the amazing sustainable businesses out there; whether it is services, organisations, charities, etc. Fair Photo Agency is in the midst of creating a platform that will be a luxurious service for businesses that are doing good in the world as “they deserve this kind of attention”. Businesses that hold positive values and ethics to better our world, such as: organic farming, ethical treatment of animals, fair trade, vegan alternatives, respectful use of resources, recycling and up-cycling! At the same time this platform will provide jobs for talented photographers, as well as assist businesses in reaching out to “Millennials” in a more impactful way, as this group was born into the world of vast and fast moving imagery and constant need for the element of surprise. This will all be in favor of sustainable companies increasing their prominence in the market!


Fair Photo Agency is “not motivated by money”, but is motivated by good will for this world and mother nature. In their mission statement it is stated that “If the world was to go under, money would not be able to save us. How can you negotiate with money in your hands if you are negotiating with mother nature?”. This Agency was started with the belief that humans need to work together instead of constantly competing with one another for profit and power – and strongly feel the urge to connect with and promote others who feel the same.

Fair Photo Agency truly believe that consumption behaviour can be effected world wide through the use of imagery with both high success rate and great impact. If you are a business or a photographer who share the same values as the Fair Photo Agency in working together towards a sustainable future, make sure to check out their website and get in touch. We need to work hard together to showcase genuine and honuorable imagery that inspires change and positivity, something that this world, now more than ever, needs to see.


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