Elovie: Magical Fairtrade Knits

The moment I came across Elovie, I knew that this brand was a reflection of my inner fairy princess! Elovie is a German magical fair fashion brand made in Italy that combines knitwear with enchanting beauty. The brand was founded by two friends, Maria and Julia, who met at a fashion design and tailoring school. Prior to establishing Elovie, Maria and Julia completed various studies and jobs in fashion design, tailoring, business, marketing, and industrial design. The name “Elovie” is the pronounced word L-O-V-E, and discretely portrays the love and effort that the pair put into creating fairly produced fashion.

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Their clothes are produced in a small family-owned artisan factory in Italy. The garments are clean cut, effortless, fun, and can be worn on a daily basis – aspects that are important to them when creating their designs. The first garment they designed was the “Rainbow Dress” – a simple cut piece with an illuminating twist: rainbow-coloured yarn shining through a darker grey layer of luxurious fabric wool. This dress led to an entire rainbow collection, including sweaters and beanies. This collection was inspired by the rainbow coloured yarn in a small artisan factory they had visited and with which Julia had been working. They found that when combined with darker colours the rainbow yarn created a beautiful and poetic contrast – “like a rainbow breaking through a dark sky”.


Julia and Maria became passionate about fair-trade fashion during their studies. The more they trained in the industry, the more questions they had about how garments were being produced and about the conditions in which people work during the production cycle. For example, as part of her training, Maria visited some clothing factories in Turkey which claimed to have high standard working conditions. Nonetheless, upon arriving in the factories, Maria realised that the working conditions were actually not as advertised. She thought to herself what this means for the conditions in factories that don’t allow visits. When Julia and Maria decided to establish their brand it was important to them that their garments would be made fairly and ethically.

In the future, Elovie plans to develop its product categories, sizes, and collection. The brand seeks to include eco-certified yarns, and spread the message that you don’t need to compromise on a fun modern piece when buying a fairly produced one.


Elovie garments are stunning, soft, cozy, and best of all magical! I am slightly obsessed with the rainbow beanie which brightens up every outfit. I love the fact that the colourful yarn is contrasted with a dark grey – as you can wear it with any low key outfit for a pop of colour! Their Mellow scarf will also be accompanying my daily outfits going forward – the combination of light blue and grey is a match made in heaven!


With all that is going on in the world today, I have found Elovie’s collection not only beautiful but also meaningful, and was inspired by their symbolic design – that behind every storm, there is a rainbow ready to break through.

I have a little treat for all you lovelies!

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