LIAN & MÉZ: Sophisticated Watches from Pineapples

LIAN & MÉZ is an elegant sustainable watch company from Germany using Piñatex.

As you may remember from a previous post, Piñatex is an innovative material made out of pineapple leaf fibers that are gathered by partner farming co-operatives in the Philippines. Manufacturing Piñatex produces new income methods for farmers and creates local business opportunities in pineapple-producing countries. According to Ananas Anam the manufacturer of Piñatex, an additional benefit of this material is that pineapple leaves are by-products of the harvest, which means that no extra water, fertilisers, or pesticides are used in the production phase. Piñatex is PETA certified and no animals or pineapples are harmed in the making of this material.


LIAN & MÉZ  believes in premium quality and precise engineering and works together with a leading German watch manufacturer. According to the brand’s website “every single timepiece of the ‘Fifth Season’ collection is tested, quality assured and assembled by professionals in the heart of Germany.”

Their watches have the following features:

  • Sapphire Crystal Glass
    Distinguished for its durability and high scratch mark resistance.
  • Premium 316L Stainless Steel
    Known for strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Water Resistant 5 ATM
    Waterproof of up to 50m.
  • Swiss Made Movement
    Ensures high durable and long lasting functionality. The battery life exceeds 3 years.
  • Sophisticated design 
    “Fifth Season” watch design is carefully planned, modern, and elegant.


One of the best things about LIAN & MÉZ  is that you are able to customise your own watch! The “configurator” page in their website lets you choose colours for the case, dial, indices, and strap. Their watches also come in two different sizes, 36mm and 40mm.

A LIAN & MÉZ watch is a stunning, comfortable and timeless alternative to regular hide leather watches. In the past I have had my doubt about vegan leather and its durability compared to the widely used hide leather but Piñatex is amazing – it looks like hide leather and feels just as stable and tough. And can I just stress again – it is made out of pineapple fibre!!

It’s companies like LIAN & MÉZ that make me so happy to be a part of this wonderful world of conscious innovative creatives who prove time and time age that there are endless Earth-friendly possibilities available without compromising on beauty and great craftsmanship.


Which one is your favourite? I am slightly obsessed with the silver and black combination and the white strap is just stunning (I am definitely getting the white strap once it needs changing).

Support LIAN & MÉZ on their Kickstarter campaign and have the chance to buy one of their beautiful watches for 49% off through the following link:

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8 thoughts on “LIAN & MÉZ: Sophisticated Watches from Pineapples

  1. Looks gorgeous! This watch of LIAN & MÉZ is elegant and graceful. Piñatex made out of pineapple fibre is a sweet detail for every wildlife preservationist. We need a classic watch to mix some outfit~ And this is exactly what I am looking for!

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