WE.AR The Walk: Guilt-free Garments

Have you ever looked through your closet and thought to yourself “I have nothing to wear!”? WE.AR The Walk is a platform that enables you to revive your wardrobe by renting garments made by unique emerging designers for a fraction of the item’s retail price. Typically, the rental price is around 12% of the retail price. So an evening dress that might retail at £900.00 (and perhaps only worn once or twice!) could be rented for £108.00. The platforms allows people to try out beautiful designs before making an investment, as well as giving them the chance to have a wardrobe lift without making new additions to their closet. This a great way to change one’s look and wear a luxurious item for events without being disposable. When a garment is hired, its lifespan is extended: it is worn and enjoyed by many rather than sitting in the closet after only having been worn once or twice. Also, when multiple consumers wear the same garment, it reduces the need to produce a large quantity of that garment. One can indulge in amazing guilt-free pieces that don’t weigh down their closet or the Earth.

In turn, WE.AR The Walk gives emerging designers the opportunity to to showcase their brand and latest designs. WE.AR The Walk only works with designers who manufacture their garments sustainably and ethically. They don’t see any need for compromise on this matter: “[As] it is not enough to just look good, you have to feel good about what you wear.”


The garments available on this platform vary in style and each have their own unique contribution towards the slow and sustainable fashion movement. From the gorgeous colourful fluffy coat made from synthetic hair (instead of fur) by Krasimira Stoyneva that I am wearing in the first image, to the beautiful traditional Czech hand-painted indigo cotton coat by VIMPELOVA that I am wearing in the last image.

The steps to renting a garment is as follows:

  1. Find & Reserve: find a garment that you would like to rent in your size, choose a delivery and return date, and rent for 48 hours.
  2. Receive: the garment will be delivered via courier to your home, office or hotel by 8pm on your delivery date.
  3. Return: Returns are free. A courier will come pick up the garment after your event at your chosen location.WE.AR The Walk handle the dry cleaning.

The service worked really well, and the clothes arrived in a garment bag in perfect and clean condition!



Fast fashion relies on a short garment lifespan and the thrill customers get when they can browse new designs on a weekly basis. The great thing about renting clothes is that you can still experience that excitement of wearing a new product without contributing as much toward waste. I can’t even count the amount of times I bought an outfit for a special event only to have worn it just that one time – it is such a waste of resources (and, slightly less problematically, closet space!). From now on, every time I have an event coming up I will definitely look at hiring options first.

Head over to WE.AR The Walk to check out their gorgeous selection




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