Cerimani: Luxury Jewellery Crafted with Purpose

Cerimani is an ethical art-deco luxury jewellery brand that invests in impoverished communities in Thailand.  Their wonderful collections are ethically crafted with conflict -free traceable gemstones and precious metals. Each Cerimani purchase is a tribute to the craftsmen and provides water and educational opportunities to their villages.

Cerimani pledges to work closely with the Karen Hilltribes Trust to fund clean water pipeline projects for villages in the Mae Hong Son province in Thailand, the country’s poorest province. From every purchase of jewellery from their collection, $50 goes toward providing water and sanitation for one person for a whole year.

Access to clean water provides the fundamental basis for all growth and is a basic human right. According to the Karen Hilltribes Trust, around 40% of the population in Mae Hong Son lack access to clean drinking water and adequate waste disposal. This, combined with the harsh climate, makes people vulnerable to preventable diseases. The Trust’s website states that “villages benefitting from a clean water system experience a dramatic reduction in the incidence of preventable diseases, reducing typhoid levels by up to 98%. Instant access to clean water also reduces the time spent on collection and purification during the working day, improving productivity and leading to economic benefits. A higher household income can then be put towards other essential services, including healthcare and education.”.

Cerimani hopes to have helped development in least 10 villages by 2021. They also hope to open their first vocational school, teaching students how to make jewellery.


This 18K Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver Favo Gemstone Bracelet that I am wearing is absolutely beautiful. It has a single amethyst gemstone in a checkerboard cut, which emphasises the crown of the gem. I love the delicate shape of the bracelet, an understated piece that can be worn with any outfit. Crafted with various precious metals and gemstones, the Favo Collection brings a romantic modern twist to the sweet honeycombs found in nature.

Cerimani has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury, in recognition of their commitment to social and environmental sustainability. You can head over to Positive Luxury’s website to check out all of Cerimani’s positive actions.

Having grown up in Thailand, a beautiful country filled with colourful and kind souls, the issue of poverty and absence of clean water is personally very close to my heart. Cerimani is a company that deserves a round of applause for integrating compassion into every piece of jewellery in their collection. The world could become a more inclusive place if all privileged people and businesses integrated kindness and humanity into the core of their practices.

Cerimani jewellery would make the perfect Christmas gift! With each piece elegant, empowering, and purposeful. You can shop Cerimani’ s jewellery collection in the website below

Positive Luxury sent me this piece for review and the product is genuinely loved! Help support brands that support the environment and artisanal communities to make it a social norm to shop ethically.

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