MALAIKA New York: Sustainable Vegan Leggings Embellished with Bike Inner Tubes

You know that the sustainable fashion industry has taken an even bigger step forward in innovation when you find a pair of vegan “leather look” leggings embellished with the inner tubes of bike tires. Yes, tires.

MALAIKA New York is a company that was founded on the pillars of sustainability and social good. In order to do their part in contributing to a more sustainable future, not only do they use sustainable methods to produce their garments, but they also plant a tree for every garment that they sell in collaboration with The Canopy Project, a project that aims to reforest East Africa.

This brand create garments through zero waste techniques using a textile which is made with ECONYL® yarn. This is a regenerated and high quality material made from fishing nets, old carpets and other nylon waste. They also create their jewellery and garment appliqués, from up-cycled plastic shopping bags through a custom developed up-cycling process.

All of their textiles are sourced in North America in order to maintain their goal of sustainability. Locally sourced textiles help them support the American garment industry, lower their carbon footprint, and ensures that they are sourcing the highest level of quality in their garments.

MALAIKA New York manufactures all products locally, by hand, in New York. Their designs are season-less and genderless thus further promoting sustainability by creating less waste on pieces made for a specific gender or season.

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I am wearing a lovely pair of Tire Legging in this post, a pair of leggings made using vegan leather, organic certified cotton from Canada, and up-cycled embellishment from the inner tubes of bike tires. I found the leggings extremely comfortable, and having worn them several times since this shoot have found that they pretty much go with every outfit I have paired them with. From a low key white tee just popping over to the shop look to an understated evening look.

As someone who is 5’2″ for me personally the only downside with these leggings is that they are quite a few inches too long on my little legs and have to be folded when worn. Of course it is not necessarily a problem as such and the leggings are still wonderful, but it is of course great to acquire a pair of perfect fitting pants without having to shorten them.  I think that it is a shame that most of the brands who do seem to cater to petits are fast-fashion brands, as I would naturally like to see a higher support for ethical and sustainable brands over fast-fashion ones.

I have paired these leggings with: a Stella McCartney for kids coat (no joke, but I fit into their size 14. I am clearly still a child.), Stella McCartney Mini Falabella Box bag, old season The White Company sweater, Dior sunglasses, and old season Rag & Bone boots.

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head over to the link below to shop their wonderful pieces



MALAIKA New York sent me this piece for review and the product is genuinely loved! Help support brands that support the environment and make it a social norm to shop ethically.

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