Baby Björklund Coming this Autumn

If you have wondered why I have been a bit absent the past few months, it’s because I have never been so sick in my life! Extreme morning sickness (in my case all day sickness) was a real struggle in the first trimester and part of the second trimester. Looking at my phone (or any screen) made me nauseous, talking would exhaust me, walking down a busy street would make me queasy, even my husband’s scent (which I usually find quite pleasant) made me put my head in the toilet. There were days where I would just sit on my couch unable to move and stare at the wall – for hours – thinking about the fact that no one prepares you for this. I would think back on how I would see beautiful big-bellied mamas walking down the street making it all look so easy while I just sat at home like a little hermit.

I am now entering my third trimester and many of you may think that I am perhaps sharing the news a bit late. The reason being is because this pregnancy has had it’s ups and downs so far: from severe morning sickness as mentioned above, to freak outs over spotting in both the first and second trimester (which can apparently be a normal occurrence), to finding out that I have an anterior low laying placenta, which could mean an early c-section unless it moves up (thankfully it seems to now have done so!). There are so many scenarios that one could go through in pregnancy that I never even knew existed. And for someone like me, who can get quite anxious, it can be very stressful.

Baby is all good and developing well! I went in for a routine check-up this week and heard the little heartbeat (which is the most precious thing you can hear). Kicks have been felt left and right from week 20, and getting stronger and stronger by the day! We are beyond excited to meet our so loved already little muffin this autumn and I am now starting to mentally prepare myself for the actual giving birth part of this whole roller coaster ride!

Over the next three months I am going to be sharing all things pregnancy: from my sustainable and eco-friendly maternity wardrobe, to natural pregnancy safe body-care, tips and tricks, and arrival preparations for the little one! Maybe I will even share the gender – which has been kept a secret up until now – so stay tuned!

Wishing you all a beautiful and sunny weekend.

Much love,


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12 thoughts on “Baby Björklund Coming this Autumn

  1. Congratulations! I’m glad you’re starting to feel a bit better and hope the rest of your pregnancy is less stressful. Thank you for being so honest about your experience so far xx

  2. I have read and learned from your joyful message today and would like to wish you all all the love and good for the forthcoming birth.
    Also, if a pregnancy lasts only 9 months, the positive feelings take the child for a lifetime… Congratulations on your pregnancy!, you and your family all the best.

      1. Answer, there are many for her to be nothing on the world beautiful it Mama or baba, without unsre older we are not today and now, after having a baby, the real training begins the academic were grad for it live! which help the need and others not, all very well again! n 🙂

  3. That photo is so cute!! Congratulations again, and I sincerely hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes by smoothly. The scares are NOT fun, but I am so glad that everything is okay. If your doctor doesn’t mind, by all means, record that heartbeat! I’ve done it a few times and I relish having that sound clip on my phone.

  4. Congratulations again, and I hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes by smoothly! Those scares are NOT fun, and I am so glad that everything is okay! And if your doctor doesn’t object (which they shouldn’t), by all means, record the heartbeat! I’ve done it a few times at my checkups and I relish having those sound clips on my phone. ❤

    1. Thank you so much lovely!! I took your advice and recorded the heartbeat last week at my appointment 🙂 it was quite nice to share with my family as well as I live in a different country to them (different continent even! hehe) – needless to say they were over the moon! ❤

  5. Congratulations! I think anyone could be forgiven taking some time out for themselves when they are going through such a major impact on their body and their life! Fingers crossed you are over the worst and can enjoy the rest of this wonderful time x

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Pregnancy has definitely been the biggest roller coaster of my life so far. I think that it is definitely a topic that we need to be more open about so women are better prepared going into it as there are just so many things that your body goes through! 9 more weeks to go though, cannot wait to meet the little one 🙂 bump is getting slightly heavy! hehe x

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