Seascape: Natural Pregnancy Safe Skincare Products Made in the UK

Pregnancy is such an important time to give your skin some TLC! All those raging hormones can throw everything off balance for good (amazing lustrous hair) or bad (horrendous acne). More importantly as the skin on your bump grows and stretches it tends to become dry and itchy, which can be extremely uncomfortable – especially when wearing tighter fitting clothes. There are many different types of skincare brands out there that claim their moisturisers and oils will help prevent those much dreaded stretch marks but I am definitely under no delusion that my bump will escape that fate! (A growth spurt in my teenage years have left both my hips looking like the world map). It is apparently genetics and skin type that play a major role in whether those mama tiger stripes will make their appearance or not.

I have however still made sure to apply a skin moisturiser on at least twice a day throughout my pregnancy, mostly for comfort, but also for curiosity to see whether it will minimise the appearance of stretch marks – I will let you know! Rather than using products that claim to reduce stretch marks (filled with lots of unknown chemicals) I have opted for using products like raw organic coconut oil and other natural body lotions like the Unwind Lotion from Seascape made with pregnancy safe essential oils like Jersey Lavender and Ylang Ylang. Those combined scents are absolutely wonderful and so relaxing – paired with Shea butter and other forms of natural oils this cream doesn’t only have a beautiful scent but also keeps the skin feeling soft and nourished.

Two other products that I tried from Seascape were the Soothe Body Mist and Soothe Sleep Oil. Both of these products are also made using Lavender Oil (which is one of the safest essential oils to use during pregnancy). The body mist was a great addition to my summer skin care routine – especially as we have had tropical heat in the UK this year (and in pregnancy one tends to overheat quite easily)! It kept me feeling fresh and smelling good. The sleep oil is not a product that I would typically have in my skincare routine but it is for sure one that I will be keeping in it. This multiple award winning sleep oil has been such a blessing – all mamas out there know how difficult it is to get good sleep during pregnancy. Whether it is not finding a comfortable position, heartburn, or the baby having a dance party all through the night (and in my case also my cat meowing for attention in the middle of the night) – sleep deprivation is real. I have noticed that when applying this sleep oil to my temples and pulse points before going to sleep helps me fall into a more relaxed state of sleep, the soothing lavender oil in this product is a big de-stresser!

All Seascape products are made using locally-sourced ingredients from ethical suppliers. The products are free from parabens, silicones, SLS, petroleum, artificial colours and artificial fragrances. Seascape does not test on animals and all of their products are suitable for vegetarians. Their bottles and packaging are also recyclable.

You can purchase all of Seascape’s maternity products HERE starting from £10.

Seascape has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, sponsored by Positive Luxury, in recognition of their commitment to social and environmental sustainability. You can head over to Positive Luxury’s website to find out all of this brand’s positive actions.


Positive Luxury sent me these products for review and the products are genuinely loved! Help support brands that support the environment and make it a social norm to shop ethically.

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