Ecoegg: Laundry Solution that is Kind to your Skin and the Environment

Did you know that 81% of people who live in the UK want a more eco-friendly home but only 29% are actually using products that claim to be eco-friendly?

The Ecoegg Laundry Egg is an innovative environmentally friendly laundry solution that every household should be looking into as an option when looking to reduce their impact on the environment. Their reusable Laundry Egg holds mineral pellets that act as both a detergent and softener all in one. By using a non-biological mineral based washing system this little egg helps to save a lot of chemical laden washing detergent being discharged into our water supply and polluting our water systems. The Laundry Egg is gentle on the skin and contains no harsh chemicals, it is refillable and recyclable, is BPA free, vegan, cost effective, and comes with a 10 year guarantee.



  1. The ecoegg Laundry Egg contains two different types of mineral pellets which are encased in the refillable and recyclable egg (which lasts up to 10 years).
  2. The egg is then simply placed into the drum of the washing machine on top of the laundry.
  3. The pellets work their magic to achieve a great cleaning result! And the scent is just heavenly.

The pellets in the egg last for 70 washes and can then be replaced with re-fills – this essentially means saying goodbye to single use plastic detergent and fabric softener bottles! If you were to put on one wash per day with the Laundry Egg you would avoid purchasing 40 single use plastic bottles over a one year period.


Another great product from Ecoegg is the Dryer Eggs which reduce tumbling time by up to 28%, saving energy and time, also contributing to reducing one’s carbon footprint. The Dryer Eggs work by separating the laundry when drying so that more air can circulate.

Ever since having Erik our laundry loads have tripled which has made me so conscious of the amount of energy that we use. This has become especially noticeable now that summer has come to an end and the rainy forecast is lingering. We are currently living in a rented flat where the dryer cycle can either be set on 2 or 3 hours, and even then the laundry is most of the time not fully dry. For this reason we try to air-dry as much as possible but with the colder months approaching it is just not feasible to air-dry alone. That is why I was especially excited to also receive a box of the ecoegg Dryer Eggs to try out. After setting our dryer to the 2 hour setting I was pleasantly surprised when I stopped the machine a little after an hour the clothes were almost fully dry! This is the first time this has happened while using this dryer. I will continue using the ecoegg Dryer Eggs over the next few weeks and keep you updated on how much time I have saved by using these eggs! 



Head over to to check out all of their products which come either scented or scent free.

This is a sponsored post and all the products have been tested and are genuinely loved! Help support brands that support the environment and make it a social norm to shop ethically.




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4 thoughts on “Ecoegg: Laundry Solution that is Kind to your Skin and the Environment

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    Kind regards, Sharon Hemmings

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