Hannah Sophia England | 4-way Reversible Dress for a Sustainable Wardrobe

How many times do you wear a dress before putting it in the back of your closet and forgetting about it altogether?

Even though there is currently a slow move away from the “wear-it-once” culture, research has it that dresses are still the most likely pieces of clothing to be bought for a one-off event only to then be discarded.

Sustainable luxury brand Hannah Sophia England is striving to solve this issue by creating the perfect reversible dress which can be worn in 4 different ways throughout different phases of a woman’s life.

“I wanted to tackle these important issues and give women the opportunity to combine sustainability, practicality and style in one piece, not be forced to choose or compromise just because they enter a new phase of their life such as pregnancy or nursing. Clothes should be designed to evolve with us, instead of supporting fast fashion.”

Hannah-Sophia Jarvis | Designer and Founder

The ultimate piece for a sustainable wardrobe, this dress can be flipped front to back and comes in a block colour on one side and a stunning print on the reverse. Their dress design comes in various styles to suit all body shapes.

I was thrilled to see that they offer petite sizes for most dress styles. As I am 5’2″ I always find that whenever I purchase a maxi dress in a standard size I always have to have it fitted or shorted (or both).

Designed to be worn through all stages of life, their dresses are equally suited for a more formal or laid back setting. Their beautiful range of dresses also eliminates the need for short-lived maternity or nursing wear, with a woman’s changing body shape taken into consideration when designing each dress.

Hannah Sophia England place each order in a beautiful “preservation box”. Just as we preserve wedding dresses and family heirlooms, the brand wanted to gift women the ability of lengthening the life of their dress so that it can be passed down to the next generation.

All of their dresses are manufactured ethically in the UK in-house with their own machinists. The fabric used for making each dress is sourced sustainably, and a tree is planted for every purchase made! Can I love this brand any more?!

Head over to Hannah Sophia England to check out more of their stunning dress designs



This dress was gifted for a review and is genuinely loved! Help support brands that support the environment and make it a social norm to shop ethically.

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2 thoughts on “Hannah Sophia England | 4-way Reversible Dress for a Sustainable Wardrobe

  1. This is a beautiful reversible dress, perfect for a sustainable wardrobe. I buy Reversible clothes from SeamsFriendly. They have an excellent variety of Reversible and Convertible Clothes I’ve ever seen. You should definitely check out their gorgeous 6-way Reversible and Convertible Skirt Dresses with tie dye patterns. Their entire collection is made to fit you perfectly (Bust 26″-70″ with Height options from Petite to Tall). If you fall in-between sizes, you can opt for their Custom Size option-they’ll tailor-make your shorts to your exact measurements (at NO EXTRA COST!!). Take a look at their versatile collection of reversible clothes here. They have a Free Shipping promo going on!!

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