PlanToys: Eco-friendly Wooden Toys for Sustainable Play

Wooden toys are durable, biodegradable, timeless, and encourage imaginative play. They can be passed down through generations and still feel new and exciting. One of the gift’s Erik received for his first birthday was a wooden toy car that belonged to my husband when he was a child. It is in immaculate condition and has become one of Erik’s favorite toys to play with!

PlanToys have been creating planet and children friendly toys for 40 years! Sustainable play is a core component of their business and runs much deeper than just a simple dedication to eco-friendly materials and packaging.

Some fun facts about this sustainable toy company

  • They only use wood from reclaimed rubber trees. These trees no longer produce latex and would otherwise be cut down and burned.
  • Some of their wooden toys are waterproof!
  • They created a new material called “PlanWood”. This material is produced using compressed leftover sawdust from their toy production.
  • In order to enhance the durability of rubber wood they use chemical free and kiln drying process to ensure no moisture in the wood.
  • Their rubber toys are made using 100% natural rubber which can be played with both indoors and outdoors. (road pictured)
  • They include a carbon footprint icon with information on the amount of greenhouse gas that is released for each toy! (on their new packaging)
  • Their products are free from toxins. They use a certified E-Zero glue that is formaldehyde-free and absent of harmful substances and chemicals.
  • 73% of the materials they use in production is sourced locally.
  • They have started the “PlanToys Toy Library” in Thailand where people are able to borrow and swap toys from their collection on a monthly basis.
  • They use water-based dyes, organic pigments, and plant-based inks.
  • Their main shop in Bangkok is made up of 3 floors, all of which include interactive Montessori style play areas made using wood. Erik and I were lucky enough to visit and he had an incredible time!
  • They will be opening a big play park in Trang province (Thailand), the place where their production takes place, in the upcoming months

Erik absolutely loves their toys – especially their “Race N Play Parking Garage”, “Road and Rail Rubber”, and “Fantasy Blocks” and of course all of their cars as he is vehicle obsessed!

A little tip to get your little one to fully engaged with the toys that they are playing with is to only have a few toys out at a time rather than overwhelming them with a room full of objects . I have divided Erik’s toys into several baskets and every day just take a few out and set up little stations for him in the morning (like in the photo). Erik can then decide by himself in which way he wants to play with the toys.

This post is in collaboration with PlanToys and all the pieces are genuinely loved and played with! Help support companies that support the environment and make it a social norm to shop responsibly.

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