The Sustainable Fabric You Feel Good in and Good About

Have you noticed that when you dress up, even just a little bit, you get a surge of energy? Because our days have been less structured I feel more confident and motivated when wearing clothes that I don’t only feel good in but I also feel good about.

When staying indoors I look for materials that are breathable, lightweight and soft especially as Summer is approaching and our home is starting to heat up. And most importantly – I have been spending most of my days playing with Erik who has turned into a tiny tornado!

Comfortable pieces have been so important to me since becoming a mama and it’s great to come across sustainable pieces that are beautiful and don’t compromise comfort.

The are many ways to dress sustainably, and by dressing in pieces made ethically using eco-responsible fabrics is one of the best ways to making conscious wardrobe decisions in and out of the house.

LENZING™ ECOVERO™ branded fibres are made using sustainable wood and pulp which come from certified and controlled sources. They have been certified with the EU Ecolabel for meeting high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle. From raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal.

These fibres are manufactured in a way that generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact compared to generic viscose. This means that you can dress in the comfort of eco-responsible viscose fibres with a much lower environmental impact.

Head over to to learn more about this fantastic material and find out which brands are using their fibres in their products. When you had over to the brand online shop you can find out which pieces include this fibre by looking out for their logo. If you are shopping on the high-street then make sure to look out for their green tag!

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This is a sponsored post and all the pieces are genuinely loved! Help support companies that support the environment and make it a social norm to shop responsibly.

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5 thoughts on “The Sustainable Fabric You Feel Good in and Good About

  1. Truly inspiring post Nataly xx Love and appreciate the fact that you are supporting ethical friendly companies. It’s always a great way to remind people to be conscious of their shopping habit.

    Do check out our blog about our actions as a small business and how as an ethical fashion business we always felt it was important to talk about things that matter and affect us all beyond fashion:

    Hope you enjoy it and love some of our products too 🙂

  2. Really thought provoking and inspiring Blog! With these difficult times ahead of us I believe more and more people with start to think more about these issues. I often read your blogs and always inspired by your thoughts. Thank you.

  3. Great article Nataly. I love learning about new innovations in sustainable materials. There are so many wonderful fabrics being created right now, I hadn’t heard of Ecovero though, although it seems to be used by some big brands. It looks like it’s a nice and light fabric. Thanks for raising awareness.

  4. This is really great, I think it’s important that we feel comfortable wearing our clothes, both physically but also mentally knowing that it was made the right way.

    At Designer Friday we also prioritise sustainability and ethical sourcing of fabrics when making our dresses. We upcycle leftover cotton, recycled nylon and polyester into beautiful pieces that people can look gorgeous in while also saving our environment. Do visit our website if you’d like to know more:

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