Day 1: St Agnes, Cornwall

About a week ago I saw one of the most spectacular views that I have ever seen in my life. My mother and sister came to visit from Thailand, and as they have been to London a few times now, and I haven’t travelled around the UK nearly as much as I should (having lived here for almost 7 years, it’s embarrassing) I thought that we should perhaps take a little road trip down to Cornwall, having heard many good things about it.

We drove down from Oxford, and it took us about five hours to get there (with a few stops on the way). Much of the drive involved driving through beautiful places like Bristol and the Devon countryside, and by the time we got to Cornwall the sun even came out for a little while!

Our first stop of the trip was St Agnes, a small town on the north coast of Cornwall. We drove to Wheal Coates, a former tin mine that is situated on the coastal cliff tops between St Agnes and Porthtowan. This beautiful area is preserved and maintained by the National Trust. It is a bit of a walk to get to the top of the cliff, with some narrow paths and bumpy underfoot, but it is fairly easy! (I was able to get up there with sandals on). The view was just breathtaking, and the photos don’t do this wonderful place any justice at all – It felt like I had been sucked into the fantasy world of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings (not nerdy at all).


DSC_2723 copy

DSC_2748 copy

DSC_2871 copy

Playsuit: Club Monaco (old season) | Sandals: Mascaró (old season) | Bag: Chloé

Sunglasses: Wildfox Bracelets: Castellano, Pura Vida, Cartier, Mya Bay

Life is too short, and as they say, you only regret the things that you didn’t do – so turn off your TV, get off your couch, put your laptop away, and either, walk, get on the bus, or drive to unexpected places! There are too many magical places to be explored and too little time. And when you get to those places make sure to put your phone or camera down for a little bit, take in your surroundings and appreciate the moment. Yes, you may capture breathtaking photos (which will not even remotely capture the place’s true beauty), but the way you felt when you were there can’t be captured on camera, which is the only thing that will truly stay with you in the end.

*My outfit is not specifically fairly or ethically produced, but is made up of predominantly products that are a few years old.

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28 thoughts on “Day 1: St Agnes, Cornwall

  1. It looks beautiful. I’m hoping we may travel around the UK a bit more during our remaining ten months in London. We tend to think of the big trips – Prague, Spain, Italy – and forget how much beauty there is right within a few hours of us. I’m loving your Chloe bag, and the bracelets. I have rather an obsession with bracelets at the moment!

    1. You must! I lived in London for 6 years prior to moving to Oxford and I am embarrassed to say that while living there I hardly ever travelled around the UK (like you said most of the bigger trips tend to happen elsewhere in Europe). Because there always seems to be something going on in London and you feel that these places are very much in your reach it is very easy to put them aside for “later” and kind of forget about them. But it is honestly so easy to travel around the UK, just rent a car and drive, we have done this several times now and have discovered some amazing places! You will find that England is extremely different to London 😉 xx

      1. I just checked out your blog for the ideas. Loved the “thank you for spring” piece. How about writing on new outfit ideas for change in season? I think you should write it the way you normally do for your own blog, and i can add the same piece on mine to introduce you to my readers. Let me know.

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