Fair Photo Agency Is Live!

Fair Photo Agency has now launched! This cool platform founded in Sweden brings together ethical companies and talented photographers that are concerned with fair business practices. Fair Photo Agency defines “fairness” as the importance of being fair in business and “fair to the planet and all of it’s inhabitants”. All sustainable companies are welcome to join and there are no restrictions on geographical locations or experience for photographers, it is essential however, that one is a talented photographer so that they are able to secure projects. You can read a detailed post about this company’s mission, beliefs, and ethos in a previous post HERE.

Founder, Linda Grönlund, has highlighted that the team at Fair Photo Agency has very high ambitions – “we want to influence consumer behaviour worldwide in favour of a more ethical and sustainable development. This is not only a nationwide issue, the whole world is on a global mission. And we think that photography is a powerful instrument for creating change. This is why we have created a digital platform that allows for both a more impactful and a higher number of images from companies and other organisations worldwide that share in our mission.”

beta launched

This year Sweden was voted the country that cares the most about the environment according to 2017 Best Countries rankings – a characterisation of 80 countries based on a survey of more than 21,000 citizens worldwide. Most of the countries’ energy come from renewable resources, it has the largest consumption of organic food, and invests in green technology, eco-friendly homes, and public transport. But Linda argues that this is not enough. “As a Swede, I feel that we need to take responsibility for the unnecessarily high wear and tear consumption we have here. Swedes are currently living lifestyles that would require the equivalent of 4.2 Earths to sustain human life and it is only increasing, hence, we are one of the “worst” countries in the world with regards to consumption footprint. Many Swedes think it is the opposite, that we are good to the planet because we compost and recycle a lot, but at the same time we also buy a lot of unnecessary stuff.”

And what’s next for Fair Photo Agency? “Besides developing the platform as well as reaching out to fair photographers and companies, we will be working toward making Sweden a B-Corp country (B Corp is to businesses what Fair Trade or USDA Organic certification is to food brands). And of course we will apply to become a B-Corp company ourselves!”

Join the fairness and sign up either as a conscious photographer or a sustainable company on

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